Ice Buckets

When entertaining guests, the need to serve cold drinks as well as serve some of them with ice is imperious ñ ice is without a doubt the most important ingredient in a successful party, next to the drinks themselves. Since home bars are becoming increasingly common, the demand surfaced for a product which is suitable for home use and which meets the need of abundance and close proximity in terms of storing ice during a party. The ice bucket is no longer exclusive to eating, drinking and catering venues, but has become an indispensable item in any individual home bar.

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Silver Ice Buckets Some ice buckets fulfill two distinct functions at the same time, meaning they are designed for storing ice but can be used as cooling buckets for cans and bottles as well. Some of them are referred to as party tubs, due to their larger size, which allows a substantial amount of ice and drinks to be stored simultaneously. They are commonly made of stainless steel or include a stainless steel construction on the inside, their exterior being designed in other materials for a unique style. Black enamel is also a high quality material for manufacturing ice buckets, whilst other such materials include acrylic, some types of plastic and metal. Glass and crystal are used as well for more expensive, extremely elegant designs. Many ice buckets are double-walled in order to provide better insulation and certain models have a rubber base, to prevent slipping.

The simplest ice bucket will include two parts, namely the bucket itself and a lid, the bucket normally encompassing a carry handle. Although every manufacturer releases a distinct design, similarities do exist. For instance, most ice buckets will come equipped with one or two tongues for handling ice, whilst some models come with an ice scoop. The tongues will sometimes be stored in the lid for more convenience, which is purposely created to accommodate them. Many will also comprise removable dip trays, which make them more efficient to use.

In terms of capacity, there is a very diverse selection you can choose from, according to your quantity-related needs. Some ice buckets can hold up to ten litres of ice, whilst others are quite small, of an appropriate table size, and easier to handle if required for limited use. The interval during which the buckets successfully preserve the ice also differs according to each brand but is always in the range of a few hours.

If you are looking for a truly special, surprising ice bucket, not only functional but which also draws attention to itself, you should have a look at the glass and crystal designs, which take the word average completely out of the equation. Also, illuminated wine and champagne coolers are available, creating a unique ambiance through their lighting effects; moreover, they are battery operated, weatherproof and completely safe to use. Other novelty ice buckets combine materials and shapes to create innovative, striking additions to any home bar, being perfectly suitable for professional use as well.