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As we quickly advance towards an era where every fantasy becomes more tangible, imagination turns our homes into private multifunctional entertainment centers, allowing us to enjoy a variety of pleasurable activities normally undertaken in public, within the boundaries of our own territory, where everything can be arranged according to individual wishes and requirements. That is exactly what home bars are about. Besides purchasing everything you might need in order to create and run your bar, you can go as far as buying the bar itself, in a plethora of variations to match your preferences in terms of furniture. Home bars are easy to install, extremely practical and without a doubt make the most exciting addition to your dwelling.

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Home BarIf you won’t settle for anything but the authentic look and feel of a traditional British or American pub, you should definitely invest in an antique-like model, such as the Victorian-style home bars, made of premier quality timber such as solid oak, maple or even mahogany. The painstaking detail is customarily hand carved, for a truly unique result, which will certainly captivate your visitors attention. Most home bars in this category also come with light, cut glass mirrors and paneled ceiling. It is also very common for this type of bars to come with a full year warranty, in order to keep your mind at ease.

On the other hand, if you prefer a modern style location for your bashes however, there is a broad supply of avant-garde designs available. Made from an optimal combination of materials, light as well as resilient, modern home bars come in simple futuristic shapes, are very practical and sometimes even mobile. Many come with chrome frames, mirror sides, acrylic or aluminum panels and glossy finishes, to create the perfect contemporary piece of furniture.

Many people nowadays, wine enthusiasts and proud collectors in particular, opt for a different type of unit in the form of a wine bar, purposely created for storing and displaying wine bottles. They usually come with a number of hanging racks and shelves, which tend to have a classy, stylish appearance, being made from materials such as glass, (sometimes black glass) acrylic or chrome. The frames are mainly made from polished chrome, which is a very popular material for manufacturing bar-related items, including home bar units and bar stools. Some units are more comprehensive and include both a home bar and a wine bar, the latter being positioned behind the home bar.

Home BarWith regards to their structure, home bars always differ and surprise with the fresh approach to practical requirements and pleasant combination of aesthetic features. Most home bars will encompass a number of inner compartments for storing bottles of various sizes and glasses. Certain storage compartments also come with lockable doors, resembling proper cupboards. Moreover, some bars comprise one or more drawers as well, for storing utensils such as those used for making cocktails. As each manufacturer tries to optimise the flexibility of use of the units they produce, some add handy features such as adjustable feet, meant to help preserve the balance of the unit on uneven floor surfaces. Many bars include foot rails and some also encompass sinks, which are usually made from stainless steel. Other features you sometimes encounter include a pullout chopping board, a removable dip tray ñ some home bars even incorporate a fridge. It all depends on your particular requirements, as all sorts of feature combinations are available.

For even more convenience and flexibility, portable home bars are now available. They are light constructions, quick and easy to assemble and excellent for transporting to parties or other events. They are a much cheaper solution than renting commercial locations for such events and can solve this problem not only for their owners but also for their friends and families. Portable home bars are customarily foldable, therefore saving you storage space when they are not in use, which is very handy. They incorporate panels made from light materials such as aluminum, acrylic or GRP (fiberglass), being easy to fold away and transport from one location to another. In addition to this, due to their construction, many portable bars are suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use, which makes them perfect for open-air parties. Whereas most portable bars are foldable, some simply offer a rapid method of disassembling and reassembling (the whole process taking less than one hour) and are thus just as easy to set up in different locations.

If you want to create an atmosphere worthy of the most fashionable nightclubs, an illuminated home bar is definitely your best choice. The wonderful lighting effects are created with the aid of 12 volt LEDs, which come in colours such as pink, green, cyan, yellow, white, red and blue, generating a diffuse coloured light around the bar unit. The lighting system is controlled via a wireless remote control unit and is very easy to operate. A single colour can be selected or all colours in a lively succession, which gives your event just the edge it needs. As expected in this day and age, the home bar market has developed a novelty sector as well. Designer’s imagination is not far from astonishing, especially when considering the car motif home bars ñ the bar units have full-sized replicas of Rolls Royce or Chevrolet fronts, which are worked on in full detail and have quite an impact on interior decoration. These home bars come with interior shelves and lights and are bound to be a sensation on the market in present and future times, not just for classic car enthusiasts but for any eccentric customer. One thing is certain and that is the rise in demand for home bars. More and more people are attracted to the idea of complete autonomy over organising their parties and joyful events and the overall offer keeps diversifying, to cater for everybody’s tastes. Evocative or inventive, classic or innovative, every home bar has a charm of its own. With that in mind, future models are always something to look forward to.