Beer Glasses

As a hobby with a millenary tradition, beer drinking has generated a plethora of habits and customs associated with it, and likewise a series of mandatory accessories to be used while enjoying the refreshing taste of this worldwide-appreciated drink. Every country where beer is highly valued has brought its contribution to the very broad array of beer-related products available on the market today, and beer glasses are no exception. From glasses bearing famous brands to replicas of ancient tankards and from the most average pint glasses encountered in pubs to novelty items, you can purchase beer glasses of all shapes, sizes and origins.

Beer GlassWhen discussing beer glasses in general, one of the main criteria of differentiation is capacity. Whilst in the UK the standard beer glass measures one pint, there are plenty variations both nationally and internationally, ranging from smaller glasses (half a pint, for example) to extremely large glasses, some measuring as much as 3.5 pints, without a doubt designed for parties and showing off drinking abilities. Another type of product challenging these abilities is the yard of ale glass, which is also available in a smaller size, with only half the capacity. This is a very old tradition and as valued today as ever. The product is available in a few variations, made from glass or plastic, the plastic models coming in a number of bright and lively colours. Some manufacturers include a wall mounted stand in the pack, for more convenience.

Many people would agree that some of the most sensational products on the market at the moment are the beer glasses made out of recycled bottles. A number of producers such as Grolsch, Sol and Carlsberg have decided to recycle their genuine branded bottles into goblets with an attractive design and a very smooth edge, this initiative generating a positive response and the proper recognition for its ecological orientation. However, they are not the only environmentally responsible products available. If you are particular about this issue, you should consider disposable tumblers made from PLA (polylactic acid) instead of plastic. This material is derived from starch, which makes the tumblers entirely compostable, a major progress from petrochemicals commonly used in this industrial sector. Besides being safer for the environment than plastic, they are also completely safe to use as they cannot be broken into pieces and turns into potentially harmful objects. As a matter of fact, they are favourites at many high calibre-sporting events and are more cost-effective compared to other materials.

With regards to their sturdiness, beer glasses are of various degrees of resistance, some being extra resistant to shock and thus more suitable for use in commercial environments such as pubs, whilst others are more delicate in construction and require an increased level of care. Moreover, you will find that whereas many beer glasses are dishwasher safe, some of them are to be mandatory washed by hand, therefore if you hold their optimal preservation in high regard, always enquire about cleaning rules.

Needless to say, official branded glasses are always guaranteed to maintain their popularity. Many people choose to collect and use the specific beer glass models released by their favourite beer producers, such as Stella Artois, Tennent’s Or Guinness, denoting class and uniqueness as well as expressing their preferences in terms of beer. Anyone would agree that a pint of Guinness looks most appropriately in a real Guinness branded beer glass, and so forth. Sold as single items or in packs, branded beer glasses also make excellent gifts and upgrade one beer glass collection from average to stylish and original.

Beer GlassAs expected, beer glasses today come in a wide range of materials, starting with glass of various makes, and levels thickness and resistance. Polycarbonates are also quite common, especially in the manufacturing of pint tumblers, and more ecological materials such as polylactic acid are becoming more common as well. When it comes to structure, there are many types of glasses purposely designed for beer drinking, although one usually associates beer with classic pint glasses. Stemmed glasses are used as well, adding to that an assortment of tankards and pewter tankards, pint tumblers (sometimes conical), handled beer mugs and the famous yard-of-ale glasses. Whilst glass tankards are frequently used in some parts of modern-day Europe, pewter tankards are still endeared by many due to their evocative Nordic appearance. If you are really fond of old-school goblets, a beer chalice might also suit your taste. There are a few models available on the market, among them pewter chalices, which are much priced for their romantic appeal. Beer steins and mugs come in many styles as well, being manufactured mainly out of glass and ceramic and often comprising metallic flip lids. In addition to all this, many beer glasses have nucleated bases, which help preserve the beer in an optimal condition for longer. Some beer glasses are also stackable, which is very handy if you are acquiring them for business purposes or if you simply want to save some space. If you are looking for the perfect beer glasses for professional use, plenty models are simple and affordable enough, besides meeting resistance-related requirements.

And if you’re keen on more eccentric glassware, you can always opt for a beer glass shaped like a boot, sometimes of sizeable dimensions. Other uncanny but attractive shapes for beer glasses available include a horn and a wine glass inside a tankard, which is quite peculiar and amusing at the same time. For people who want to bring some colour and lighting effects into their drinking sessions, flashing beer mugs were created, producing these effects with the aid of flashing coloured LEDs placed within the base. They are completely safe to drink from, as they are battery operated and made from plastic. Another trend in beer glass designing consists of creating so-called frosty beer mugs, namely mugs with a lovely frosted appearance, suitable for professional and personal use. Moreover, some novelty beer glasses are gift boxed, which turns them into ideal gifts for many occasions.