For decades they have been omnipresent in private and public places alike, in offices, pubs and eating venues. Ashtrays are indispensable accessories for any smoker and any environment where smoking is permitted, and today there is a greater choice than ever in terms of types and styles. While classic ashtrays are as dependable and popular as ever, novelty ashtrays make fun and well appreciated gifts for a number of occasions.

AshtraysAlthough most smokers purchase ashtrays for indoor use, cigarette bins for outdoor use are available as well and extremely practical when wanting to avoid littering and the risk of starting a fire. They come in many forms, including outside wall-mounted ashtrays, large enough for prolonged use and ensuring that the hygiene and safety requirements are met. Usually made of stainless steel and being very easy to fit, empty and clean, they are suitable for fitting outside commercial environments or individual homes and will definitely eliminate the mess usually caused by the current doorstep smoking enforced by the smoking ban. Novelty outdoor ashtrays are available as well, such as sand buckets with an innovative design, which make an amusing addition to any dÈcor. They come with wall fixings and sand included, therefore being ready to use after purchasing.

Over the years, a multitude of materials have been used in manufacturing ashtrays. One of the most common and always fashionable is glass, which besides being practical has a certain guise of elegance about it, especially when using traditional clear glass or the stylish back variation. Glass ashtrays are thoroughly tested for resistance upon impact and are very resilient, being perfect for indoor and outdoor use, including intense use in areas designated for smoking, such as restaurant or pub terraces. They customarily come with a varying number of notches for cigarette butts as well (depending on the model, as few as a couple or as many as eight), although that is not necessarily the case. Also, they can be sold as individual items or in packs, if you are purchasing them for commercial use.

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One type of ashtrays in particular is favored nowadays due to the handy existence of a lid, which provides protection from spillage. Windproof ashtrays are obviously designed with outdoor use in mind and are excellent for any open spaces, either public or private. They come in a broad array of materials, from stainless steel to molded melamine, which is quite trendy also due to its light construction. Normally, windproof ashtrays are made up of two parts, namely the base and the lid, the lid also comprising a number of cigarette resting dents, for convenience.

With regards to novelty ashtrays, the nature of the product opens this sector of the industry to all sorts of amusing ideas, some with their dose of smoking-related sarcasm aimed at their future owners, due to the dangers posed by this vice. But regardless of the shape and design, ashtrays remain as necessary as ever and the diversity of the offer is surely a pleasant surprise.