Bar Accessories

Frequenting pubs is an essential habit for many and even a lifestyle for some; indeed many agree that the pub atmosphere is irreplaceable. But when the concept s of private party and public place seem to pose some issues such as intimacy, a simple and exciting solution arises, in the form of a home bar, which guarantees the same features one loves in a pub, plus the comfort of their own home. You can acquire the bar itself, but even in its absence, with the right combination of bar accessories you cannot go wrong.

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Bar Accessories, Glassware and AshtraysTo begin with, as anyone can infer, you will need a larger collection of beer, shot and cocktail glasses to serve your drinks from. And in order to reduce the unavoidable mess, a bar mat is also indispensable ñ you will find bar mats in a multitude of designs, some identical to the usual mats you can find in pubs. A major upgrade to your home bar would consist of a beer dispenser, which guarantees always pouring the perfect pint. And for serving shots, a shot rail would definitely help you keep the drinks organised. You will also need a soda syphon and might benefit from the use of a cup dispenser and a bottle opener (some can be fitted on the wall and come with cap catchers), a bottle stopper and a handful of ribbed rubber corks, to preserve drinks optimally. And for showing off, a bottle display stand always comes in handy. Of course your bar wouldn't be properly equipped without a bar caddy, which has got to include a straw and napkin dispenser.

Everyone knows that a skilled bartender is an expert in making cocktails, therefore aspiring ones try their cocktail-making aptitudes as well. There is a vast category of items you can purchase in order to put together the perfect cocktail-making kit. You can start with the spirit measures of various sizes (25 ml, 35 ml, 50 ml and so forth) and the hammer jigger measure. Needless to say, you will eed a cocktail making device, which will ensure the best possible results. A bar condiment dispenser is also a must in order to keep things running smoothly, as well as related instruments such as a fruit slicer and wedger, a bar knife, a pitter and stoner for olives, cherries etc. and so forth, and obviously, green olive cocktail picks, to keepthose martinis flawless. And since no cocktail would be complete without proper mixing, tools such as a wooden muddler, a mixing spoon and a mixing fork are also central to the process.

Ice BucketAnother key element in serving drinks is ice, hence an ice bucket is a mandatory accessory to anyone standing behind the bar. Besides the ice bucket you will need handling instruments such as tongs (usually made from stainless steel) or an ice scoop (an ice crusher or ice pick might also be useful). You can be sure that once having endowed your home bar thoroughly, the rest will be a continuous merger of creativity, fun and cheerfulness.